Industrial Coating Solutions

We provide a range of high quality coatings designed to increase the lifespan, appearance and performance of your industrial components, minimising downtime and keeping you up and running for longer.

Industrial Coating Solutions

Improving performance and increasing your output

At SBM Coatings we are dedicated to improving the service life and appearance of your industrial components. Our coatings, which include Electroplating, Electroless Plating and Sprayed coatings, improve performance and solve a number of common industrial problems such as friction, wear, galling, corrosion and hardness. With a variety of finishes available, they are also guaranteed to look great.

At SBM Coatings we pride ourselves on our products, our service, and our people.
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Coating Services

At SBM Coatings we offer a variety of immersion coatings for our small and large commercial clients. Whether it's high phosphorous electroless nickel plating for components on an oil rig or stainless steel passivation for smaller metal parts,
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